Write great discussion board posts by following these steps:

1. Understand

  • Carefully read the discussion instructions.
  • Think about how this post is related to what you are learning about in your course.
  • Note any required reading you need to complete.
  • Identify all the key terms in the assignment directions.
  • Underline or highlight all the action words in the assignment directions.
  • Note any additional requirements such as word count or citation formatting.
  • Review the grading rubric (if provided).

2. Read

  • Complete any required or supplemental reading for the week.
Tip: Your discussions are related to what you are learning and reading about in your course. So, even if it is not explicitly stated, you are expected to use concepts and ideas from your weekly reading in your discussion board post.

3. Write

  • Write a complete paragraph for each part of your discussion board post instructions. For example, if the discussion board prompt includes two bulleted items or two questions, you should write two fully developed paragraphs in your post.

4. Review

  • Does your post contain a fully-developed paragraph for each of the questions or action words in the discussion instructions?
  • Did you include concepts, ideas, or information from the course readings into your post wherever possible?
  • Did you correctly cite your sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago style as you used them?
  • Does your post meet word count requirements?
  • Did you review your writing for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling?


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