About the Writing Center

Becoming a better writer can help you succeed as a university student, while also giving you needed skills to advance in your career. The Writing Center provides you with resources to help improve your writing capabilities, devise helpful strategies to fulfill any writing assignment, and become a more effective communicator. 

In addition to the many resources found here on our website, you can also take advantage of writing support through our Paper Review, 24/7 Writing Support, and Grammarly. Access these services through the Writing Center link within your online classroom.

What We Don't Do

  1. We are not research experts. If you need help finding resources for your course, the library can help you with that!

  2. We do not check for plagiarism. If you need to check your document for plagiarism, Turnitin is the best tool to get a similarity score. Information on Turnitin can be found at Understanding Turnitin.

  3. We do not edit your work for you. Our Paper Review service will make suggestions for how to revise your paper, but you will be responsible for making those edits.

Contact Information

Email: writing@staff.uagc.edu

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