What is paper review?

You can submit any of your written coursework to the Writing Center to get feedback and suggestions for revision. This service is free to all university students. A writing expert will review your paper and provide feedback for revising, focusing on organization and topic development. *The paper review does not include a similarity report--use Turnitin for this.

When can I submit a paper for review?

You can submit a draft of your paper at any time--day, night, or weekend. The service is always open and papers are returned within 24 hours. However, please allow for additional time to get your paper back and make the needed revisions. If you have a paper due on Monday, we suggest submitting to the paper review service by Saturday.

What can I submit for review?

You can submit any written coursework. This includes papers, outlines, and discussion posts. If you are a doctoral student, you can also submit your Letter of Intent (LOI) and your dissertation/ADP. If you would like a dissertation/ADP review, please submit a single chapter at a time.

Will the Writing Center edit my paper?

You will receive detailed feedback, examples, and links to other helpful resources, but the Writing Center will not directly edit your work. Instead, a writing consultant will provide feedback related to idea development, APA style, thesis statements, and many other writing-related errors. Feedback will include a Revision Letter, which is a prioritized list of areas of concern, as well as margin comments.

How do I submit and retrieve my paper?

To submit a paper, follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Login into your classroom and click on the "Writing Center" link within the left navigation. Then click on the purple "Submit a Paper" button.Writing Center & Library linkSubmit a Paper


  2. Select your course. If your course is not included on the list, select “All Other Courses.”Select your course with NetTutor


  3. Click “Continue.”Continue


  4. Click “Drop Off a Paper.”Drop off a paper.


  5. Fill in the basic information for your assignment.  Within in the assignment description section, you are limited to 300 characters. If you have more information to share, paste that information on the first page of your document instead. Then, in this description box, simply write: “Details on the first page.” Then, click “Next.”Basic Information


  6. Review the areas your writing tutor will evaluate and click “Next.”Tutor Evaluation


  7. Drag and drop, or upload your assignment, and click on "Drop Off Your Paper."Upload a paper.


  8. If your paper has been uploaded successfully, you should get a confirmation message. The tutors should review your paper within 24 hours and email you once it is ready!

Follow these step-by-step directions for accessing a paper that has already been reviewed:

  1. Within 24 hours after submitting your assignment for review, you will receive an email from NetTutor letting you know your paper is ready. From there, log back into your classroom and click on "Writing Center & Library." Writing Center & Library link
  2. Click on the purple “Submit a Paper” button.Submit a Paper
  3. On the next screen, you will need to select your course from the list. If your course is not included on the list, select “All Other Courses.” Be sure to select the same course that you used to submit the assignment.Select your course.


  4. From there, click on the "Your [course] Locker" option.Locker


  5. Then click on "Paper Feedback." It should say you have "1 paper returned with feedback."Paper Feedback Option.


  6. Click on the PDF icon to download your paper and view the tutor’s feedback.PDF Feedback Icon.


How do I use the feedback provided?

Getting feedback is an important part of the writing process, but getting feedback cannot help if you do not apply it. To learn how to use feedback provided, see our page on Applying Feedback.


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